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Claymore shredder IEE, is the most effective, file shredding and secure shredding software in the Mac world, fully integrated in your Mac, with intelligence level and VHT Viking Hammer Technology for SSD support! Why it is not available in the store? Simple answer: it was to safe and therefore did not follow the appstore rules

Technical Data:
Fully integrated in the macOS system beside the clock, right corner menu icon, can work in background, can only shred one file via drag& drop at the time, because of it's high intelligence security levels implemented ! Intelligence shredding standards implemented: Com.Sec.Estab.CSEC ITSG06 (CA), GOST P50739-95 (RU), NAVASO P-5239-26 (MFM) (US), NAVASO P-5239-26 (RLL) (US), US Air Force, AFSSI5020 (US), Departement of Defense 5220.22-M (US), Random Characters (ISO), Ceros (ISO), VSITR BSI Verschlusssachen (GER), B.Schneier Algorithm (US), NATO Standard (US,EU), Department of Defense 5220.22-M+Gutmann(US), P. Gutmann Algorithm (NZ), VHT Viking Hammer Technology for SSD file shredding  

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